Torbjörn Buhré

Torbjörn Buhré

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First Name * Torbjörn
Last Name * Buhré
Username * toub
Country * Sweden
City Gotenburg
Nationality Swedish
Languages EnglishSwedish





My name is Torbjörn Buhré.

I was born in Ödeborg (loosely translates into something like “Deserted Castle“) in Sweden, November ’79. Since I turned 18 I’ve tried different proffesions such as computer support, working with sailboat rigging, at Gothenburg Film Festival etc. but I’ve allways known I wanted to create.

I studied design early on, and when I was 24 I started 2 years of CGI study. It felt like seeing the light at the end of … nah, not the end but at least there was a light. I was obsessed and had the good fortune of getting a job at a place called Frost right after the 2 years had passed. Frost later on turned into Cordovan where I still work at this day.

I really enjoy working with 3D, just being able to create and visualize whatever that’s on my mind, and make people believe in them. It’s a little bit like playing with Lego, modelling in clay and pretending to be god at the same time. Excuse the blasphemy.

Anyways, hope you take your time to look at the stuff, feel free to comment, give crits and feedback. Everything is appreciated.

Best regards – Torbjörn


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